Bloginning again in the spirit of ‘good enough’

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Starting a blog from scratch is a bit daunting, isn’t it? I’ve not done this since 2006! Yeah, I’ve been blogging a long time.

My first blog was private. Yeah, I know. But you have to remember all this living your life in public stuff was not yet the norm. Plus I wrote, in sometimes gruesome detail, about my journey back to physical health after I crashed and burned in 2003). I started my first public blog ‘Essential Claire’ in 2005. After an 18 month illness, I wrote about wellbeing, health and nutrition because (funnily enough) that’s where my coaching (and life) focus lay back then. Later, I became the Business Blog Angel, teaching and mentoring people about digital business growth. My first post on that blog was dated February 2006. In October 2009, I announced a new blog on a new domain (my own (maiden) name) and that continued on until my husband and I created our Fox+Monkey brand in the summer of 2013.

With those last two site’s blogs, I simply imported old posts from the previous site, but when I was thinking about what to do as I get this site going, something feels wrong about doing that. It would be like sorting through all your junk, but then instead of taking it the tip or charity shop for reuse, you pack it up into new boxes and shove it in the attic.

So here I am. Bloginning again. With almost 12 years web history and a completely empty blog. Let’s hope I manage to come up with good quality, original content, regularly, eh? I’ve struggled with that in the past. Maybe the liberation of my higher purpose will make a difference. My ‘plan’ is to blog about work stuff , non-work stuff I get fired up about and things relating to living and working ‘on purpose’. I’m hoping to include interviews with like-minds, though I’m not sure yet what format those interviews will take. I’m also going to showcase client projects and their work. So I know I won’t be short of material. The challenge will be giving up the urge to have things ‘perfect’ and accept ‘good enough’ so I can just get stuff done.

So at this point, I want to write something really insightful/witty/helpful about procrastination, perfectionism and being good enough. Thing is, I’m still midway through building this site, so I also want to move on to the next task. What to do then? I’ve read some great stuff just recently on this topic, maybe I could just share that and be done…

*Googles ‘good enough procrastination’*

Don’t see anything familiar, but do find this from January 2015:
On perfectionism, procrastination and being ‘good enough’

And you know what, it’s more than good enough!! 


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