Sure. Your business needs to make money, but that's not the Big Why that drives you, is it? There's something bigger... a higher purpose? To do good socially, environmentally or both? If that's right, well hey, you've found a kindred spirit! My higher purpose lies in facilitating the success of projects and people like us.

Who I Work WIth

Solo Entrepreneurs

A higher purpose or ‘calling’ has led you to the way of the solo entrepreneur which means freedom, flexibility and on-your-ownness! What you want is an experienced advisor to guide and support your purpose-led venture’s growth.

Ethical Businesses

Your business may have little ostensibly to do with social or environmental issues, yet you’re still committed to best sustainability and CSR practices, and are keen to share your insights, efforts and motivation with stakeholders.

Social Enterprises

For-profit, not-for-profit, non-profit… Grass roots, community or CSR spin-off projects… Just as long as your organisation’s primary purpose lies in a social and/or environmental mission, you’re my kind of enterprise.

What I Do

Put plainly, I do purpose-led Marketing, Communications and Business Development.

Depending on who you are and where your organisation is at, I advise, consult, coach, mentor, train and execute creative growth 'strateegery' that puts - and helps you keep - your Big Why at the centre of your business activities and brand communications.

Whether your enterprise was borne out of purpose, or has discovered it along the way, I'd love to help you communicate it to your stakeholders, for everyone's benefit and the greater good.

A Bit Of Back Story

In 2005, after 10+ years marketing big-name brands, I had something of a spiritual awakening. I decided to fly solo, in the digital space, working exclusively with clients who were driven by purpose, passion or a mission. That was 11 years ago and give or take the odd break, I've been doing it ever since.

Things evolve though, so in response to relatively recent changes - global and personal - the time is right to refresh my own online presence with this brand new site. Predominantly, a hub for my work activities, I also plan to blog here about other things I care about and living 'on purpose'. If you see something that inspires you to get in touch, please do!

Years in Business
Years in Marketing
Years in Digital Business
Years in Business Support

“Claire combines a very strong marketing background, superb social media understanding and experience and an equally strong ethical heart. Her approach is utterly professional. She is super-bright, super-well-connected, super-creative and super-willing to go that extra mile. She really knows her stuff. Lucky us who benefit from her expertise.”

Alex Rotas Seniorpreneur & Photographer at Alex Rotas Photography

“Claire had the sensitivity needed to represent my work in a website. Claire arrived with very good and exciting suggestions, yet remained open and receptive to my own ideas and proved most creative in adapting them to the needs of a website. Throughout, I felt that we worked ‘together’ harmoniously. I am totally satisfied with the result.”

Monique Brasseur Psychotherapist & Counsellor

“An amazing ability to get to the heart of what you want from (and for) your business and make your ideas sparkle. [In  my consultancy session] Claire took me through a process which made the right choice crystal clear. Not only has this saved me heaps of wasted time and effort but also helped me to create a business I love and will keep on loving.”

Neil J Lloyd Co-founder, Zokit

“A sensible, cut-the-crap, compassionate influence in my life and work, and she’s got *the best* ideas – and the networks to implement them. If you don’t know her already, you should start now.”

Noreen Blanluet Queen of Amazing at

“She got inside my head and looked at the project from my perspective… listening to my wider vision for the project … and adjusted her advice accordingly.”

(This is a snippet of Alison’s full testimonial, which includes the words ‘invaluable‘, ‘rock solid’, ‘creative’, ‘inventive’, ‘second to none’ and ‘never want to work with anyone else.’)

Alison Clarke Founder,

“Quite simply, Claire is a super blend of experienced marketing strategist and Digital/Internet marketing knowledge… a wonder to work with!”

(Chris also gave Claire several glowing mentions in his book for SMEs, In2TheClouds.)

Chris Ogle Director,

“Regarding consultancy on Social Media, etc, the person I recommend to you is Claire Bridges. She is excellent at understanding what her clients want and need, always delivers to a high standard, is ethical and authentic and has done loads of work for me over the last 5 or so years.”

Barbara Bradbury MD at Halland Solutions

“Within my timeframe and budget… a clear, good-looking, well functioning site that represented the Blue Finger campaign brilliantly.”

Maddy Longhurst Founder at Blue Finger Alliance


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