I describe myself as a purpose-led communicator and enterprise activist.

Back in 2005, after a 10+ year career in corporate marketing, including running 2 of my own through-the-line agencies, I had something of a spiritual awakening. I decided to fly solo, in the digital space, working exclusively with other solo entrepreneurs, helping them establish an online presence and teaching them how to get their message out and grow their business. My work was a mix of teaching, mentoring, coaching, ‘strateegery’ and hands-on, technical/creative service provision.

Now in 2016, with so much having changed in my own life and our shared world that another life redesign was in order. This website is my new online home for everything in my life – primarily work, but rest and play too, because when I’m living ‘on purpose’, they are all interwoven threads in life’s rich tapestry.

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